Genoa upgrades cruise terminals

2022-07-13T16:38:42+00:00 July 13th, 2022|Ports|

Genoa is undergoing infrastructure work to upgrade the passenger port quay at Ponte dei Mille East, which is beginning to take shape.

According to MedCruise, plans are in hand to equip the berth for new generation cruise vessels, thereby providing Stazioni Marittime with an additional mega-cruise pier, alongside Ponte dei Mille West, which can already accommodate ultra-large passenger ships, following recent dredging.

This project involves the extension of the existing quay, the construction of a new embarkation terrace and cruise facility upgrades under the strictest standards of safety.

The new development will extend the 290 m Ponte dei Mille East quay to 380 m to cater for cruise ships of up to 330 m in length.

The project’s final step in the completion of Genoa’s passenger and old port redevelopment is the construction of a new quay at Calata Santa Limbania, alongside the former Hennebique grain silos. This area is currently the focal point of a large-scale regeneration programme.

This quay, set to be widened by 12 m, will be partly used by the adjacent cruise terminal operator and will also offer boat mooring facilities for city residents.