GEA to install new separators on cruise ships

2019-03-16T14:17:19+00:00 March 16th, 2019|Technology|

The first orders for the new GEA marine separator have been received.

A total of 20 GEA marine separators will be installed on two cruise ships.

GEA’s technology has an integrated direct drive, a simple service concept, a compact and thus space-saving design, increased output per sq m of floor space and intelligent connectivity, the company claimed.    
The new separator offers great advantages for seafarers on board cruise ships. The modular exchange drive unit has to be replaced only after 16,000 operating hours.

Unplanned maintenance is virtually eliminated with the new separator, GEA said. Maintenance time on board is thus reduced by up to 90%, while maintenance costs are reduced and system availability maximised.

GEA can customers receive an OEM-certified, exchangeable drive unit worldwide at a location of their choice.
With an efficiency of more than 96% and a savings potential of up to 30,000 kW/h per year, the integrated direct drive is at the heart of GEA’s new separator series. The direct drive with its synchronous motor requires no belt or clutch. Spindles and motors are available for the first time as modular exchange drive units, which simplifies installation and maintenance.

The separator is accessible from all sides and the space requirement on board is reduced by 50%.
Based on the CWE 15375 standard, the GEA marine separator offers full transparency and best certified flow rate (CFR). In addition, it is exactly tailored to the requirements of the vessel’s main machine