From bridge to propeller in one

2019-01-28T13:41:38+00:00 January 28th, 2019|Technology|

Havyard is merging its navigation, automation and power systems services into one brand – Norwegian Electric Systems (NES).

The merger with Norwegian Control Systems (NCS) will be completed this year, when NES will become the acquiring company.

Tor Leif Mongstad CEO of NES and chair of the board of Norwegian Control Systems (NCS) will remain at the helm of the new company. He explained that by merger into one entity, this simplifies and realises the synergies that can deliver integrated systems from bridge to propeller.

“Our customers will notice that we are now offering everything they need in one package. Previously, NCS delivered navigation, DP and automation, and NES delivered electrical packages and propulsion system. Now, there will be one organisation, one project and one offer – all in one optimal package.’
NES and NCS have had branches in Ålesund, Bergen and Egersund with around 70 employees in total, and NES will continue the operations at all three areas.

Havyard Group CEO Geir Johan Bakke and Mongstad (pictured) said that NES would continue its focus on integrated systems.

“Our decision to co-ordinate the organisation is based on our belief that there will be an increasing focus on being in full control of the vessels in future. Delivering control functions and ensuring good interaction between systems will be at least as important as delivering the systems themselves. The merger between NES and NCS means that we can deliver everything under one umbrella, and it will be easier to provide good and overall control of the vessel, from bridge to propeller.’

One joint organisation, teamed up with key partners, will strengthen the future work of developing and delivering complete, integrated systems for more autonomous vessels.

Odd Gunnar Kleppe, previously general manager of NCS, is now COO and Deputy Mg. Director of the new NES. He sees a great advantage to become a complete system integrator with a broad product portfolio.

‘As a complete system supplier, we make it easier for the customers that only have one party to deal with. And for our part, we will have a broader competence platform that makes it easier to develop better system solutions which provide added value to the customers.’