Eckero’s ‘Finlandia’ undergoes extensive structural engineering work

2024-01-29T17:36:15+00:00 January 29th, 2024|Environment|

Eckerö Line’s ropax ‘Finlandia’ is currently in drydock at Landskrona in Sweden for an upgrade.

She arrived on 7th January and is due to return to service on 8th February.

While ‘Finlandia’ is in dock, the cargo ship ‘Finbo Cargo’, which also carries cars, is operating as usual from Vuosaari harbour in Helsinki to Muuga in Tallinn.

During her docking, ‘Finlandia’ will be fitted with new rudders and propeller blades in order to reduce emissions. In addition, the hull is being treated with a special coating to also reduce the ship’s fuel consumption.

For the environment, Eckerö Line optimises the ships’ speed, ensuring energy efficiency and utilises waste heat and seawater temperature in energy use, which are well-established.

Last year was very successful, the company claimed, as, for the first time, 2 mill pax were carried.

Eckerö Line’s freight operations also grew significantly, as did its share of the total freight market on the Helsinki/Tallinn route.

“In 2023, passenger volumes exceeded all our expectations and we are very grateful to our customers and our staff. Our success proves that quality and our service are appreciated by our passengers”, said CEO, Taru Keronen.