E-Flexer ropaxes to get Survitec MES

2023-04-14T19:59:05+00:00 April 14th, 2023|Safety|

Eleven Stena RoRo LNG-fuelled E-Flexer ropaxes scheduled for charter to European and Canadian operators will each feature marine evacuation systems (MES) supplied by survival technology solutions provider, Survitec.

Survitec has already delivered three shipsets of the evacuation systems. They have been installed and commissioned on board two extended 240 m long, 1,200 pax capacity E-Flexers, ’Stena Estelle’ and ’Stena Ebba’.

 The latter began operating on Stena Line’s Sweden/Poland route in January this year.

Survitec is supplying MES solutions to the ropaxes earmarked for Stena Line (five), Brittany Ferries (five), and Marine Atlantic (one).

Jonas Tullock, Project Manager Newbuilding, Stena RoRo, said: “The safety of passengers and crew takes the highest priority at Stena. System reliability, compatibility, performance and comfort were key factors in selecting Survitec to supply MES and the ability to meet the vessel’s operational needs.”

Richard McCormick, AES and MES Product Manager, Survitec, said: “We are delighted that Survitec is a major provider of critical safety and survival equipment to Stena RoRo’s E-Flexer programme.

“These ferries are some of the most sophisticated, energy-efficient ropaxes to operate in European and North American waters. As a passenger shipowner setting the standards for safety and innovation Stena RoRo has specified Survitec MES,” he said.

In addition to the E-flexers, Survitec is supplying MES to three LNG-fuelled ropax newbuildings for a Polish operator.

The contract for each of the 196 m long, 400 pax capacity dual-fuelled ferries will also include the use of Survitec technicians to supervise the installation and oversee system commissioning and acceptance testing.

Jan Eskil Hollen, Managing Director, Survitec North Europe, added: “These are significant orders for Survitec and testimony to the reputation, performance and quality of Survitec marine evacuation systems across the industry,“ he said.

Each Survitec MES system is tailor made to suit the individual vessel’s requirements. Considerations include flag and class requirements, area of operation, vessel layout, evacuation height and the number of passengers carried.