‘Disney Wish’ becomes a Bahamian students’ classroom

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Taking learning to the next level, a group of Bahamian summer camp students boarded Disney Cruise Line’s (DCL) Disney Wish to learn first-hand about careers at sea.

More than 25 students, ranging in age from 10 to 13, recently participated in a two-week maritime summer camp sponsored by DCL at the LJM Maritime Academy in Nassau, The Bahamas.

The students learned about the local and global maritime industry and gained a better understanding of career opportunities on board.

DCL has sponsored this programme for many years, and this year, the cruise line worked with LJM to create a memorable and educational experience for the students on board the ‘Disney Wish’.

While the ship was berthed in Nassau, the students toured the ship, learned from crew members in a variety of roles, met the cruise ship’s Master and had the opportunity to visit the ship’s command centre bridge.

The students toured the ship’s theatres, dining locations and interactive youth activities spaces.

“We want to inspire young people, especially here in The Bahamas, to explore careers at sea. Sponsoring the LJM Maritime Academy summer camp programme is one of the ways we’re introducing young Bahamians to maritime opportunities early on so that they know this is an option for them,” said Joey Gaskins, DCL’s Public Affairs Director.

“We’ve invited these students aboard the ‘Disney Wish’ to show them first-hand some of the incredible maritime careers available, and we want to encourage them to join our growing Disney Cruise Line team in the future,” he said.

DCL invited former LJM cadet, Antoinique “Summer” Lightbourn, who recently participated in DCL’s scholarship programme, to join the students on their ship tour.

While walking the students around the ship, she shared her experiences and favourite moments from working on board the ‘Disney Wish’ and encouraged the students to chase their dreams of pursuing careers at sea.

“Disney Cruise Line has continued to be an excellent partner to the LJM Maritime Academy, through its scholarship programme and sponsorship of our successful summer camp,” said Dr Brenda Cleare, Principal LJM Maritime Academy. “This camp is so important because it opens up new horizons for these young people as they begin to enter high school and think seriously about the direction they want their lives to go in.”

DCL has supported LJM for many years, as part of its commitment to inspire the next generation of seafarers, while creating a lasting positive impact in The Bahamas.

Since 2019, DCL has sponsored the academy cadet scholarships for young adults. These cover tuition for the three-year LJM programme, which includes two years of study at the academy and one year of service on board a Disney cruise ship.