Damen upgrades ‘Azamara Onward’

2022-06-13T20:12:31+00:00 June 13th, 2022|Refurbishment|

Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam has redelivered the fourth Azamara cruise ship, following an extensive refit.

Benefiting from equipment overhaul and conversion to cleaner fuel, ‘Azamara Onward’ sailed for Monte Carlo for her naming ceremony on 2nd May.

The 180 m long passenger vessel arrived at the Amsterdam yard in August, 2021 to receive an upgrade, the refurbishment of all the cabins and suites and the addition of spa suites and terrace rooms.

Passenger shared spaces, such as restaurants, were upgraded and a new bar was fitted.

From mid-March through April, 2022, the vessel was in Damen Amsterdam’s largest drydock where the technical and maritime conversion was undertaken.

A lot of steel work was needed for the reconstruction of deck arrangements, including balcony structures to allow for the creation of the newly planned luxury suites, some of of which were fitted with Jacuzzi baths.

Steel work was undertaken on Deck 8 and 9, where the on board spa was also fitted. Steel reinforcements were added to support the spa pools and installations.

Ballast water and fuel tanks were restructured to accommodate the bunkering of larger volumes of marine grade diesel. The work included much piping throughout the vessel and in the engine room.

The grey water tanks and the tanktop were replaced. Both starboard and port stabilisers were overhauled and the shaft seals were replaced. In addition, the thrusters were upgraded to allow for the use of environmentally acceptable lubricants. The tailshaft and the propeller seal were also replaced.

 ‘Azamara Onward’s’ hull was completely cleaned and repainted in Azamara colours.

Performing the interior, exterior and technical upgrades in limited time, required complicated logistical planning and strict schedules, Damen said.

“It was challenging to organise all the operations to be performed in time and in a manner that steel work does not interfere with decorative jobs,” explained Damen Amsterdam Project Manager, Colin Husslage. “We managed to deliver the ship to its proud new owner at the date agreed, so Azamara can have it in full service during the 2022 season.”

 “Azamara selected Damen Shiprepair Amsterdam to complete the revitalisation of the ‘Azamara Onward’ following an extensive comparative analysis of shipyards in Europe,” added Azamara Head of Marine Operations, Nico Corbijn.

“With an estimated investment of approximately $55 mill, it was very important for us to identify a yard that could provide not only the technical expertise and know-how for this large project, but also offer logistical support for the outfitting companies and their teams that would be attending the ship daily.

“Despite the supply chain and labour challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Damen delivered beyond our expectations. The yard team’s collaborative spirit and ‘can-do’ attitude made this refit a technical success, and a reason for us to return to Amsterdam for future engagements,” he said.