Crystal collapse – advice for US passengers

2022-02-26T00:24:20+00:00 February 26th, 2022|Finance|

Crystal Cruises filed a petition for Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors in Florida state court/Miami-Dade County on 11th February, 2022, according to the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC).

Crystal maintained an escrow account in compliance with FMC regulations to refund applicable passenger fares and deposits for cruises departing from US ports in the event that it fails to perform the cruise.

However, this account does not provide reimbursement for air travel payments, shore-side hotel expenses, or other expenses that do not constitute water transport or its related services.

An escrow claims process has yet to be established by Crystal’s assignee (liquidator) or its escrow agent, the FMC said. There is no mandated deadline for the assignee and escrow agent to initiate the claims process or when refunds will be disbursed from escrow to eligible passengers.

In addition, the FMC stressed that it has no role in establishing the escrow claims process. Once the Commission is advised of the claims process, it will issue an updated advisory notice.

Affected passengers seeking reimbursement should consider:

For credit card payments made to book travel with Crystal place a claim with credit card issuers.

Note: The US Federal Trade Commission has additional information regarding consumer rights under the Fair Credit Billing Act.

If third party travel insurance was obtained for a Crystal cruise – place a claim with the insurer. Note: Please read the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, as reimbursement might not apply, the FMC warned.