Cruise ships to return to eastern Baltic this year

2024-03-15T18:27:41+00:00 March 15th, 2024|Marketing|

More cruise ships are due to return ports in the eastern region of the Baltic Sea this year, according to Cruise Baltic’s annual Market Review.

In addition, several ports, including smaller and growing destinations, are forecasting an increase in the number of calls this year, compared to 2023.

However, travel trends, plus geopolitical conflicts, are affecting Baltic Sea cruise itineraries.

Last year it was described as a ‘divided region’, due to the geopolitical situation, which caused a downturn in the number of cruise ship calls at eastern Baltic ports, while there was an increase in the western region.

However, among the emerging trends for this year, more cruise ship operators have renewed their interest in the eastern region with Klaipeda expecting an increase in calls of 41%, Gdansk by 90% and Turku by 133%.

“Last year’s situation called for a new and strengthened narrative for our region. This, combined with our new strategy, enabled us to redefine and retell the story of the Baltic Sea region.

“The aim of our work is to support our members and push the positive development in the region in every way we can,” said Klaus Bondam, Cruise Baltic Director (pictured).

In addition, Cruise Baltic has reported a general increase in the size of vessels deployed in the region, a rising interest for cruises on smaller vessels and a changed pattern in the number of calls that will be received by each port.

Among the ports expecting an increase in calls and cruise guests are popular ports and the smaller and upcoming cruise ports, such as Arendal, where a 77% increase is forecast; Nyborg where the number of calls is expected to double and Helsingborg, where a 125% increase is predicted.

“We are very pleased with this development and to see the growing interest in several of our destinations. Cruise guests are, like all other travellers, on the lookout for new and unique experiences and by promoting new aspects of our region towards the cruise lines, we stsay relevant within our target group,” Bondam added.