Cruise ships and ferries ideal for housing Ukrainian refugees

2022-03-26T14:43:54+00:00 March 26th, 2022|Marketing|

Reports are coming in of cruise ship and ferry operators offering help to Ukrainian refugees.

Carnival Corp has offered the ‘Costa Magica’, while AmaWaterways also offered several of its vessels as floating hotels and Estonian officials have asked for proposals from cruise and ferry operators to provide housing.

Poland has received many Ukrainean displaced people and local ferry operator Polferries has offered free transport to Sweden for Ukrainian citizens and their cars.

The company has reported that in the first few days, more than 6,000 refugees benefited, while the company also offered free transport of humanitarian aid from Sweden.

Estonia reported that it has taken in over 22,000 people, 40% of which are children of which about 6,000 are currently in hotels and seeking temporary housing from the state.

Jako Salla of The Estonian Social Insurance Board reportedly said to a local news agency that “large ships have good spacious rooms and conference rooms that can be used as classrooms. We can bring health services and counselling services there. It provides many opportunities, is safe, and ensures easier organisation.”