Costa’s Savona terminal used as a vaccination centre

2021-02-26T21:14:00+00:00 February 26th, 2021|Safety|

An agreement signed between ASL 2 Savonese and Costa Cruises, has allowed Savona’s second Palacrociere terminal to be used as a vaccination centre during the local campaign against Coronavirus.

The vaccination centre can accommodate up to 600 people per day and was introduced to speed up vaccine distribution in the Savona area.

Local health officials started to carry out vaccinations in the second terminal on 13th February.

The agreement was promoted by the Liguria Region helped by the Savona Municipality, West Ligurian Sea Port System Authority, the Port Captain, Customs Agency, Frontier Police, and the UMAAF.

During the four days of Savonese Silver Vaccine Day earlier this month, around 1,200 people aged over 80, were due to be vaccinated.

Palacrociere’s second terminal continued to be used for the next stages of the vaccination campaign, progressively involving other sections of the population, becoming one of the fixed points of administration activated by ASL 2 Savonese.

The centre was built on the ground floor of the terminal, on an area of around 1.500 sq m.

ASL 2 Savonese has developed specific health and sanitation protocol to ensure that vaccinations take place in maximum safety. It is making use of the initiative already available from Costa Cruises installed for the health protocols provided for its passengers.

The terminal’s use for the vaccination campaign will have no impact on cruising activity, scheduled to resume in Savona in March with the return to service of the flagship ‘Costa Smeralda’, gradually followed by other Costa ships, the company said.

“Costa Cruise has been home in Savona for over 20 years. For this reason, in the face of a fundamental initiative like the vaccination campaign, we wanted to do everything we could to help and meet the needs of health authorities and citizens to speed up the distribution of the vaccine,” said Mario Zanetti, Costa Cruise CCO and General Director of Costa Group Asia.