Cavotec supports greener Chinese cruise

2018-07-14T05:41:48+00:00 July 14th, 2018|Technology|

China has introduced regulations to support the adoption of shore power for vessels to reduce emissions.
Cavotec engineers recently commissioned a self-propelled, battery-powered shore power solution – Cavortec AMPMobile – at the Taiziwan cruise terminal at Shenzhen, southern China.

The unit’s batteries are charged while it connects vessels to the grid. As a result, this means that no additional vehicles are required to move the equipment around the quay, further reducing environmental impact.
Two other cruise terminals, Wusong in Shanghai and Qingdao in Shangdong, will soon be equipped with similar systems, Cavotec said.

Cavotec pioneered shore power in the 1980s, and AMPMobile first entered service at Los Angeles in 2011, with six further units in service in Californian, Chinese, and European ports. AMPMobile is now also used to power cruise vessels in Canada.

As a supplier of innovative shore power cable management systems to ferry, cruise, and container handling applications, Cavotec has also developed solutions that connect and charge electric and hybrid vessels.
Several systems have entered service in Europe in recent years, and the first came on line in Asia at the end of 2017, where a Cavotec AMPShore Reel connected Asia’s first e-ferry – the Cijian Island passenger ferry – to electrical power, which charges the vessel’s battery pack.