Germany shipbuilding and technology update

The pandemic has not only lead to short-term distortions, but also to considerable uncertainties for the medium-term development for German shipyards and technology companies, equipment association VSM said. A sharp increase in public and private sector debt will result in high consumption losses. Existing trends [Read more...]

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‘Silver Origin’ trials handled remotely

Silversea Cruises is preparing to take delivery of the ‘Silver Origin’, from Dutch shipyard De Hoop, despite the global lockdown, The cruise brand, part of Royal Caribbean, said that De Hoop implemented rigid safety procedures, reduced its workforce and devised ways to overcome challenges, including [Read more...]

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Sonardyne introduces forward looking sonar

Claimed to be ideal for expedition cruise ships, Sonardyne International has introduced a collision avoidance capability. The new Vigilant forward looking sonar (FLS) provides live and past vessel track, detailed 3D bathymetry out to 600 m and automated warnings of unseen collision hazards on and [Read more...]

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Silverstream teams up with Houlder

Air lubrication system provider Silverstream Technologies and design and engineering consultancy Houlder have signed a framework agreement. This formalises their relationship and supports the shipping industry’s ongoing transition to a zero carbon future. Silverstream is collaborating with Houlder on design and integration procedures for both [Read more...]

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Bolidt offers virtual tours

Specialist Dutch design company, Bolidt has found what it claims is a creative way of supporting its clients during the COVID-19 restrictions. This is allowing visitors to take a virtual tour of the Bolidt Innovation Centre, which officially opened near Rotterdam last year. The centre, [Read more...]

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Ropax celebrates methanol milestone

Stena, Wärtsilä, and Methanex Corp have celebrated five years’ operation with the methanol-fuelled ropax ‘Stena Germanica’. She was the world’s first ship to run on methanol as a marine fuel. ‘Stena Germanica’ was converted to be able to run on methanol in early 2015 at [Read more...]

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Sonihull solves layup fouling time bomb

As the world’s commercial marine fleet, including cruise ships, faces extended layups, Sonihull has developed a specialised antifouling system. “Market uncertainty and a drop in fleet demand, especially in the passenger carrying sectors, is leading to large numbers of commercial vessels being laid-up alongside or [Read more...]

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