Oceanwide opts for Schottel

Oceanwide opts for Schottel for its second expedition cruise vessel newbuilding German propulsion company Schottel has won another order to supply main and auxiliary propulsion units for an Oceanwide newbuilding expedition cruise vessel. The ’Hondius’ and her newbuilding sister ‘Janssonius’, are claimed to be the world’s first vessels [Read more...]

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Bolidt unveils antimicrobial cruise ship decking

Synthetic applications specialist, Bolidt has introduced an antibacterial flooring system to improve hygiene on passenger ships. With cruise owners striving to improve hygiene on board their vessels, ship decking specialist Bolidt has developed an antimicrobial flooring that will limit the spread of multi-resistant bacteria on [Read more...]

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Kleven Verft saved

Norwegian ship recycling company Green Yard has taken over Kleven Verft (pictured), which filed for bankruptcy earlier this month after failing to secure a loan. Green Yard claimed that it had reached an agreement with the bankruptcy estate and the banks to take over the [Read more...]

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DeCurtis and Favendo in tie up

DeCurtis Corp has signed a partnership agreement with Favendo, a German-based real time location services provider. The partners will jointly pursue worldwide market opportunities in vertical sectors, as well as the offering to current clients in the cruise sector. Each of the eco-systems produced can [Read more...]

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Cruise ships and autonomy

For vessels such as cruise ships, the industry’s drive towards autonomous ships will lead to technology being used on the bridge, as a navigational safety tool for collision avoidance, etc, a leading expert said. It will not displace the human element, Capt Eero Lehtovaara (pictured), [Read more...]

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Nauticor bunkers ‘Iona’

Gasum’s Hamburg based LNG supplier, Nauticor has conducted the initial ship-to-ship LNG bunkering operations for P&O’s newbuilding cruise ship ‘Iona’. The bunkering was conducted by Gasum’s LNG BSV ‘Kairos’ in Bremerhaven. This operation also marked another milestone as it was the first ship-to-ship LNG bunkering [Read more...]

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Balearia ropax bunkers LNG for first time

Spanish ferry operator, Balearia, has claimed it completed the first LNG bunkering operation for its converted ferry ‘Bahama Mama’ in Algeciras. Balearia carried out the LNG bunkering operations using a truck-to-ship method on 8th June, the company said. Last year, Gibraltar’s Gibdock retrofitted the ropax [Read more...]

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