‘Boudicca’ to be recycled

Broking sources have reported that former Fred.Olsen cruise ship ‘Boudicca’ has arrived at Aliaga, Turkey, for recycling. She was sold by Fred.Olsen last year together with her sister ‘Black Watch’  to become  accommodation vessels at Pendik, near Tuzla, Turkey, but these plans look to have falling through. [Read more...]

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Corsica Ferries takes ‘Mariella’

Viking Line has confirmed that it had agreed to sell the 1985-built ‘Mariella’ to Corsica Ferries for €19.6 mill. The deal should be completed and the ship delivered this month. Her sale is part of strengthening the company's financial position. The vessel's book value as [Read more...]

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New TT-Line Ferries to be built in Finland

On 14th April, 2021, the Tasmanian Prime Minister granted permission for TT-Line to sign the contract with Finnish shipbuilder Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) for the construction of two ropaxes. A day later, both parties signed a formal contract remotely via video conference. This latest contract [Read more...]

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Grandi Navi Veloci acquires P&O Ferries

MSC-controlled ferry company Grandi Navi Veloci has bought the 1976-built ferries ‘Pride of York’ and ‘Pride of Bruges’. The forme P&O Ferries were previously deployed on the Hull/Zeebrugge/Rotterdam route. ‘Pride of York’ is to be renamed ‘GNV Aries’, while ‘Pride of Bruges will be renamed [Read more...]

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Cruise ship bunker vessel designs

Danish ship design company Knud E. Hansen (KEH) has unveiled the X-gas Project - a series of medium-capacity small-scale LNGCs, which are designed to bunker cruise ships among others. The project’s flagship design is a 126.5 m vessel with a cargo capacity of 9,000 cu [Read more...]

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Veteran cruise ships sold for recycling

Hong Kong-based New Century Group has reported that its Singapore subsidiary, New Century Cruise Lines, has sold the  1969-built gambling cruise ship ‘Leisure World’ to an intermediary for recycling. In a Hong Kong Stock Exchange filing, the company said that a price of $3,591,880 was [Read more...]

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‘Fuji Maru’ committed to breakers

Brokers have reported that the 1989-built Japanese cruise ship ‘Fuji Maru’ has been sold for recycling. The buyers were not identified but the price paid was said to be $443 per light displacement tonne (LDT).

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