RCL updates its sustainability roadmap

Royal Caribbean Group (RCL) has published its 2021 Seastainability Report. This report updates the Group’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) framework and highlights its efforts to reduce emissions on ships and at ports and ex[plained the various activities across its three wholly owned brands - [Read more...]

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Scandlines increases wind power

With the aim of becoming emission-free by 2040, Scandlines is embarking on the next step - the installation of a Norsepower Rotor Sail on the hybrid ferry, ‘Berlin’. Since 2013, Scandlines has invested more than €300 mill in building and converting conventional ferries into hybrid [Read more...]

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AIDA’s green cruising extends ashore

For many years, Rostock-based AIDA Cruises has invested in a future-proof and sustainable cruise market as part of its Green Cruising Strategy. As part of this commitment, the company claimed that it was continuously advancing climate and resource protection with many small and large initiatives [Read more...]

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