BWS in one-stop-shop partnership

2018-07-14T06:32:53+00:00 July 14th, 2018|Refurbishment|

Blue Water Shipping (BWS) has signed an alliance agreement with Fowlco Marine Logistics Management in Freeport, Bahamas.

BWS has arranged drydock facilities and drydock logistics for various cruise lines since 1999. With a full order book of new cruise ships and a need to maintain and refurbish the existing fleets, the market for drydock logistics will continue to grow, the company explained.

The new venture will be called Fowlco Blue Water and will be a strong alternative in a market that is dominated by a few players, the company claimed.

Fowlco Blue Water will be the local specialist in Freeport, Bahamas offering end-to-end services to all cruise lines and shipowners who prefer a one-stop-shop option, including pick-up, consolidation, ocean and air freight worldwide, as well as local customs clearance, cargo handling, storage, on-site logistics management and reverse logistics.

”We know that the market has been looking for other logistical options and a provider who can offer the whole package. We are confident that the knowledge and local expertise of Fowlco combined with Blue Water’s global presence are something many of our customers will appreciate,” said Kurt Skov, BWS Founder and Chairman.
”Personally, I am pleased that we will be going on this journey with Blue Water, as Blue Water has been known for their good name and service in the cruise industry for many years. The ‘best in town’ vision of Blue Water fits very well with the mindset of the Fowlco team. We want to be ‘best in town’ in the Bahamas and be known for our dedication and local knowledge and expertise,” said Glennett Fowler, Co-founder of Fowlco and President and Co-owner of Fowlco Marine and Logistics Management.