Brookes Bell upgrades safe return to port solution

2018-12-02T22:09:46+00:00 December 2nd, 2018|Safety|

Brookes Bell, the marine, scientific and technical consultancy, has re-branded its system analysis modeller to Systema, to reflect the enhanced product offering.

A SOLAS Safe Return to Port (SRtP) solution, previously known as BBSAM, Systema provides support for the analysis of complex ship systems to verify compliance and create the appropriate documentation for class approval. 

SRtP regulations affect new vessels built to accommodate over 120 passengers and have three or more main vertical zones, greatly affecting and changing the system design for the cruise and ferry market. 

The primary aim of the regulations is to ensure vessels are built with a level of system redundancy. Achieving this requires a step-change in the process of designing systems, especially considering the size and passenger capacity built today. Failure mode and effect analysis, a desktop paper-based study used for this kind of assessment, is not up to the task of analysing the systems with the level of detail required for this regulation, the company said.
Complementing the Systema software, Brookes Bell has also created an on board solution to support operators with the ongoing regulatory requirements. SRtP Onboard is a software solution that enables crew to effectively manage the complexity of responding to an SRtP casualty by providing precise system restoration actions for drill training and in response to an actual emergency.

The logistical task of dealing with an SRtP casualty is not to be undervalued, considering the size and complexity of passenger vessels is ever increasing. In some regulatory casualties, actions to restore system functionality on board can rise above 100 different individual activities located all over the vessel.
SRtP Onboard supports the crew by providing accurate action information, including location and detailed description, and supporting information, such as system drawings, in order to resolve problematic actions.
Continuous improvement is inherent in the software as the data can be updated after every drill, further increasing the efficiency of future drills or dealing with potential SRtP casualties. SRtP Onboard is currently installed on five cruise vessels and a megayacht, with more installations planned next year.

Vittorio Vagliani, recently appointed Head of Software, said: “Brookes Bell’s software products have an established track record of supporting operators and shipyards in managing the requirements of this critical regulation. Systema is the only product on the market today able to verify and validate system designs against the SRtP regulations accurately.”

Brookes Bell has been developing its range of proprietary maritime software tools for over a decade in support of its consultancy services. Earlier this year, the company strengthened its technical management team with the addition of Vagliani, who has over 20 years’ experience in the maritime software industry.