Bolidt looks for new design concepts

2021-06-12T09:59:06+00:00 June 12th, 2021|Interior Design|

Resin application specialist Bolidt has launched the ‘Design Challenge’ by asking established and student designers to submit concepts for innovative cruise ship interior solutions.

The Bolidt Design Challenge 2021 aims to inspire innovation in passenger ship interior design by inviting concept submissions for resin-based floor and wall coverings, ceiling hangings and artwork in general.

Submissions are being sought from designers, developers, inventors, artists and other creatives and will be judged in two categories – practising designers and student designers.

Explaining the idea behind the initiative, Jacco van Overbeek (pictured), Bolidt’s Director Maritime Division, said: “The cruise industry is going through arguably its most difficult period, facing environmental regulations and evolving passenger expectations while navigating a pandemic unprecedented in the modern era.

“For the sector to overcome these challenges and ensure success in the years and decades ahead, it requires creative solutions – and nothing sparks creativity like some healthy competition,” he said.

Participants will be encouraged to consider several themes, such as how health and safety measures might influence decking; how art can be incorporated into on board surfaces to impress, educate or provoke thought; how a design based on resin materials can change and interact with its environment; how these materials can contribute to reducing the environmental impact of cruising; and how design and colour can affect those observing it.

Judging the entries will be Jon Ingleton, Executive Editor of Cruise & Ferry Review and Cruise & Ferry Interiors; Dmitriy Ponkratov, Royal Institution of Naval Architects Technical Director; and Nikolai Gyllenhammar and Jonny Aaseth of Broslo (Brødrene Oslo), a Norwegian artistic duo who are strong advocates for art as a central part of the cruise ship experience.

“Each member of our multidisciplinary judging panel is a specialist in his respective field – and together, their expertise covers every angle of cruise ship interior design,” explained van Overbeek. “We’re very much looking forward to seeing all the entries come in, and we hope the level of talent on show will give our judges a hard time deciding the winners!”

The panel’s chosen entry in each of the two categories will be transformed from concept into reality and exhibited at the Bolidt Innovation Centre located near Rotterdam, where the company showcases its own solutions.

In addition, the winning designers will have the opportunity to pitch their concepts to a cruise operator with Bolidt’s support.

Applicants have until 1st August this year to submit their designs, in either digital or hand-drawn format, along with a 250-word written description of the concept.

The shortlist for both categories will be announced in mid-August, with the winners revealed on 28th September.