Bio-LNG trucks to transport Costa’s supplies to Kiel

2023-05-26T18:47:10+00:00 May 26th, 2023|Environment|

Costa Cruises has signed an agreement with LC3 Trasporti to utilise bio-LNG-powered trucks to transport supplies needed by its cruise ships.

The collaboration between the two Italian companies officially began on 19th May, when the ’Costa Firenze’ called for the first time at Kiel, Germany, from where she will depart weekly until mid-September offering seven-day cruises to the Norwegian fjords.

Supplies needed, such as some types of food, beverages, and technical supplies, will be transported from Costa Cruises’ warehouses in Genoa to Kiel using LC3 Transport trucks powered by bio-LNG, the liquefied biomethane obtained by refining waste from the livestock industry.

The use of this alternative road transport fuel will cut CO2 emissions by almost 90%, and particulate emissions by almost 100%, compared to a conventional Euro VI diesel vehicle.

“Sustainability is a key asset in Costa Cruises’ business model. We have introduced major innovations in our industry, such as the first LNG-powered ships, and we remain committed to research and development of further technologies, with the ambition of achieving a net-zero fleet by 2050. Our commitment also extends to all cruise-related activities, including the logistics needed to supply our ships.

“The collaboration with LC3 Trasporti is a concrete step towards the goal of building a fairer and more responsible supply chain, through environmental, social and governance projects shared with suppliers.

“It is also an example of how the path of energy transition can provide new opportunities in our country as well, bringing together two Italian companies that share the same vision and innovation spirit,” said Marco Diodà, Costa Cruises’ Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain.

Michele Ambrogi, President of LC3 Trasporti, added: “We are really proud to offer the guarantee of sustainable transportation to serve an industry leading company like Costa Cruises.

“LC3’s commitment to provide a pioneering and cutting-edge logistics service that aims to minimise environmental impact is a core value for our company, and this agreement further strengthens our position as a market leader thanks to a prestigious partner with whom we share values and ambitions,” he said.