Barcelona pollution tax mooted

2022-06-13T19:09:37+00:00 June 13th, 2022|Finance|

Tourists on board cruise ships in Barcelona will soon be subject to another tax.

The new tax will be imposed in order to help curb pollution in the Spanish port city, according to Schengen Visa info’s website.

Travellers have to already pay up to €3 for a stay of more than 12 hours, as well as €1 for a stay of fewer than 12 hours.

These costs, together with an existing €1.75 surcharge,  are included in the price of booking for cruises or hotels.

Catalonian Minister for Climate Action, Teresa Jorda, reportedly said that specifics of the new tax would be outlined in the coming weeks.

However, the Catalan Government has yet to announce how much the new tax will cost for international visitors.

“We expect to be able to present, in the coming weeks, the government’s proposal to regulate emissions in the port areas of Catalonia. Furthermore, we will be delighted to be able to share with Barcelona town hall the work carried out and the formula for this tax,” Jordà said, reported Euronews travel.

According to local media, in 2019, a total of 3 mill passengers visited the city, while daily cruise visitor numbers surpassed 10,000 for 139 days in that year.

Despite the fact that cruise traffic declined by 90% in 2020, it  a notable increase was seen last year, while this year is predicted to further increase.

Based on a report published in 2019, Barcelona suffered more air pollution from cruise ships than any other European port.

Another European city, Venice, had previously announced that it was to impose a tourism fee in order to reduce the number of international visitors.

Authorities in Venice had announced that travellers planning to visit from 1st January, 2023, will be required to make a reservation in advance and also pay a fee.

Even though tickets will not be required until next year, they will be available for travellers online starting from June, 2022, Shengen Visa info said.

“Today, many have understood that making the city bookable is the right way to take, for more balanced management of tourism. We will be the first in the world in this difficult experimentation,” Venice Mayor, Luigi Brugnaro, reportedly said.

Italian authorities had said that tickets would range from $3.25–to $10.85. It was also claimed that passengers who do not hold a valid ticket will be turned away at Venice’s entrance by city officials.