Aurora’s second expedition ship on schedule

2020-11-28T11:22:20+00:00 November 28th, 2020|Ships|

Aurora Expeditions has said that its second expedition cruise ship, ‘Sylvia Earle’ is on schedule to be delivered in October, 2021.

Similar to the first ship in the series, ‘Greg Mortimer’, she will feature the patented Ulstein X-BOW, a core design element that is claimed to be essential to the speed, agility and fuel efficiency of the ships in the Aurora Expeditions fleet.

CEO Monique Ponfoort, said: “It is really exciting to see a second X-BOW ship coming into market for Aurora Expeditions. Its innovative, eco-sensitive design captures the essence of small-ship expedition travel pioneered by Aurora Expeditions.

“Our new purpose-built ship honours the highly accomplished marine biologist, oceanographer and explorer, Dr Sylvia Earle, who is actively involved in the development of her namesake, and I look forward to working closely with Dr Earle in the coming years.”

The company’s Global Head of Marketing, Victoria Primrose, added: “The sleek new design of the ‘Sylvia Earle’ has been created to reflect the pioneering nature of our ships and the adventurous activities we will undertake with our passionate expeditioners on board.

“From a brand perspective, the bold design and use of our strong signature teal colour will make the ‘Sylvia Earle’ instantly recognisable as an Aurora Expeditions ship.

“We are thrilled that the build is on time, despite the challenges the world has faced in 2020, and we look forward to welcoming our first expeditioners on board the ‘Sylvia Earle’, as we venture to the world’s most remote and fascinating destinations,” she concluded.

The ship will visit many new destinations within the Aurora Expeditions program, including Alaska, Baja California, the Russian Far East, Raja Ampat and West Papua.

Aurora Expeditions ships boast low polluting marine engines, due to a combination of low energy consumption, high fuel-efficiency and a streamlined design. The Tier III engines delivers an 80% reduction in emissions, compared to the older Tier 1 engines and can operate virtual anchoring to hold position instead of dropping anchor on the delicate sea bed.

An on board desalination plants converts seawater to freshwater that is safe to drink. Therefore, the ships carry less freshwater, thus further reducing fuel consumption.

The Ulstein X-BOW, whose inverted bow design, in combination with Rolls-Royce dynamic stabilisers, offers extra stability and comfort on ocean crossings and helps to reduce fuel consumption by up to 60%.

‘Sylvia Earle’s’ X-BOW design will feature a two-level glass lounge in the bow. In Polar regions, this means that passengers will be able to see an iceberg immediately as it appears on the horizon. It will also feature an outdoor swimming pool, warmed by re-circulating engine heat.

The interiors of the cruise ships were designed by Thomas Tillberg.