Auramarine delivers methanol fuel supply system to ‘Mein Schiff 7’

2024-06-14T23:05:09+00:00 June 14th, 2024|Technology|

Finnish fuel supply systems supplier, Auramarine, has supplied Meyer Turku shipyard with a methanol fuel supply system and associated equipment for TUI Cruises’ recently delivered ’Mein Schiff 7’.

Auramarine’s equipment deliveries began in 2023 and continued during the spring of this year. Sea trials were conducted last month.

This newbuilding is the first of its kind and aligns with TUI Cruises’ sustainability strategy of offering the first climate-neutral cruises by 2030. In conjunction with this, TUI Cruises’ fleet is reducing CO2 emissions by 27.5% in absolute terms by 2030, the company said.

With a length of 316 m and a width of 35.8 m,’Mein Schiff 7’ can accommodate nearly 2,900 pax and 1,000 crew members.

She will be powered by low-emission marine diesel oil, with a sulphur content of 0.1%, and a shore power connection for almost zero-emission operation in port (which accounts for 40% of her operating time).

Tapani Pulli, Meyer Turku’s Deputy CEO, said: “With the building of ’Mein Schiff 7’, TUI Cruises is setting new standards for driving sustainability and emissions reduction within the cruise market.

“As the first methanol-ready cruise vessel, having the right technology and infrastructure to successfully and safely deliver the new fuel is central to efficient and sustainable operations.

“Auramarine is pioneering the development of systems that meet the shipping industry’s requirements within the energy transition, and we are delighted to have them on board supporting Meyer Turku and our customers,” he said.

Auramarine’s methanol fuel supply system ensures the safe delivery of methanol from the service tank to the master fuel valve, regulating the flow, pressure and temperature of the methanol to meet the engine’s specific requirements.

The system actively maintains the supply pressure within the specified tolerances during load changes and filters the fuel to prevent any impurities from entering the engine.

As part of the order, Auramarine supplied the methanol bunker and transfer systems, including the vital automation and safety systems that ensure safe and reliable operations. A gas detection system and a methanol bilge system were also included.

“We have worked very closely with Meyer Turku throughout the development and design of this methanol fuel supply system for this project,” explained John Bergman, Auramarine CEO.

“We have spent a significant amount of time, using our 50 years of experience, to bring to market new supply solutions that empower our customers to deliver on their sustainability strategies while meeting shipping’s de-carbonisation targets.

“We are honoured that Meyer Turku and TUI Cruises have selected and entrusted us to deliver our methanol supply system and to play a part in the development of this pioneering cruise vessel,” he said.