Attica to operate two E-Flexers

2024-06-28T16:59:14+00:00 June 28th, 2024|Marketing|

Attica Group has signed an agreement with Stena RoRo for the long-term charter with a purchase option of two new vessels plus a potential for another two.

The vessels will be two E-Flexer ropaxes, to be built by Stena RoRo at the CMI Jinling Weihai Shipyard in China.

The two vessels with an overall length of 240 m, are the largest RoPax vessels ever ordered by a Greek shipping company.

With passenger capacity of 1,500 pax and 3,320 lane meters cargo decks (about 200 freight units) per vessel for the transportation of private vehicles, trucks and trailers, the new vessels will enhance the overall transport capacity in the Adriatic routes, Attica said.

The new vessels will be methanol ready and will carry a battery notation. They will also be fitted with engines that are designed to operate with three different fuel types in view of required flexibility for future requirements.

At the same time, they are designed and equipped with technology to optimise fuel consumption alongside a series of high efficiency technical features that will contribute to the reduction of the Group’s GHG emissions per transport work by 60%, compared to existing vessels.

The agreement takes the form of a 10-year bareboat charter scheme, including a purchase option from the end of the 5th year of the hire period.

Upon their delivery, which is scheduled for April and August 2027, respectively, Attica Group plans to proceed with a fleet redeployment programme, which will allow Attica to further reduce its environmental footprint through the retirement of older vessels and the decrease of the average age of its fleet.

The vessels’ design was the result of collaboration between Stena RoRo and Attica’s shipbuilding teams, based on the successful E-Flexer model.

Panos Dikaios, Attica Group CEO (pictured), said: “For three decades, Attica Group innovated through the design and construction of new vessels, such as the Superfast series that redefined the Adriatic routes connections in terms of quality and speed, the sister vessels ‘Blue Star Patmos’ and ‘Blue Star Delos’ that upgraded massively the travel experience in the Aegean routes and the latest additions of the three Aero Highspeed, which have already contributed substantially to the increase of visitors to the islands of Saronic Gulf.

“Our agreement with Stena RoRo for the charter of two new state-of-the-art vessels, sets new standards for the entire Greek ferry industry, drastically reduces our environmental footprint, redefines the travel experience and responds dynamically to the challenges of tomorrow.

Per Westling, Managing Director of Stena RoRo, added: “These E-Flexer vessels to Attica have been jointly designed and ordered as the most bespoke E-Flexers so far.

“The design is extremely versatile and the ships will, with their inherent flexibility of different fuels, battery hybrid operation and many other fuel saving features, play an important role in the green transition of the Attica Superfast Adriatic ropax service,” he said.