Atlas Ocean Voyages embraces Starlink

2023-07-19T18:57:36+00:00 July 19th, 2023|Technology|

In partnership with SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service, Atlas Ocean Voyages will offer high-speed Wi-Fi capabilities on ‘World Traveller’, ’World Navigator’, and soon-to be delivered ’World Voyager’ cruise yachts.

Recognising the importance of staying connected while cruising the world’s most remote destinations, from Antarctica to the Arctic, Atlas Ocean Voyages is dedicated to providing a seamless digital experience for its guests, the company said.

With the addition of Starlink Wi-Fi, travellers can now enjoy uninterrupted connectivity, allowing them to stay in touch, share memorable moments on social media, and remain connected to their business and personal affairs while on board.

Guests receive a complimentary 1 GB of the new high-speed Starlink Wi-Fi on all expedition cruises.

Starlink is powered by a constellation of lower earth (LEO) satellites that provide a stable connection to Atlas’ continuously moving expedition yachts. Starlink was beta-tested in 2022 at McMurdo Station in Antarctica, and researchers who experienced the platform responded with positive reviews.

“Visiting with guests and travel advisors while on our yachts, I have heard first-hand how important it is for them to stay confidently connected with those back home or at the office,” said James Rodriguez, Atlas Ocean Voyages President and CEO (pictured).

“Starlink Wi-Fi delivers that reliability across the globe, including the remotest Polar regions, instantly elevating the on board experience.”

Whether guests want to stay connected or simply enjoy the convenience of high-speed internet access, this upgrade ensures a seamless and enjoyable digital experience throughout their voyage, the company claimed.