ALMACO delivers catering equipment for ‘Costa Toscana’

2022-04-28T13:47:09+00:00 April 28th, 2022|Technology|

Catering equipment specialist, ALMACO has installed its equipment on ‘Costa Toscana’.

She was delivered to Costa from Meyer Werft Turku in December last year.

ALMACO provided the design, engineering, production, delivery and commissioning of all the galley, pantry and bar counters and equipment on the vessel.

The project was one of the largest catering projects for the company, not only because the scope covered more than 3,000 sq m of galleys, galley area pantries, bar pantries, cabin pantries and lounge pantries, as well as over 30,000 pieces of catering equipment, but also because ALMACO was in charge of many different aspects and phases of the project and planning of operations and service.

ALMACO undertook all aspects of the design and engineering of the catering areas, as well as design and production of all tailor-made counters and cooking arrangements. Supply of all buyout equipment, pantry equipment and logistics were also handled by the company, as well as commissioning, planning of maintenance, and crew equipment training.

Costa Toscana, can accommodate up to 6,554 passengers and 1,646 crew members in its 16 restaurants, up to 18 themed bars, luxury room service and crew messes. It also offers guests special experiences, such as the LAB Restaurant, where guests can learn how to cook together with master chefs.

The company installed double-size blast chillers, which are stand-alone fridges that reach the required temperature within minutes. The ship is also equipped with two 19 m long bain-maries per counter, robot-like Roboqbo multi-cooking and baking machines, as well as specific equipment, such as ChefCut waterjet cake cutting machines.

ALMACO’s lifecycle solution provided to Costa consists of a digital system for monitoring the equipment, providing instruction manuals and maintenance management during operation. The solution is based on service tablets and individual QR-code labels attached to the equipment.

The galley equipment lifecycle solution supports the crew in their daily tasks and minimises the risk of equipment failure, the company claimed.

Aleksandr Hokkanen, who was in charge of the site management, said: “This project has been one of the most interesting projects in my entire career. It was a pleasure to work with Meyer Turku and I am impressed by their professionalism. Thanks to the good co-operation between ALMACO, Meyer Turku and our local partners, we were able to commission the equipment on schedule despite the challenging logistic situation in the market. And I must say, the end-result is fantastic.”