A&K selects newbuilding architects

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A&K Travel Group has announced the signing of a long-term collaboration agreement with naval architects, Giacomo and Loreno Mortola for Crystal’s newbuildings.

The father and son paring, trading as Studio Gem, were involved in the refit of ’Crystal Serenity’ and ’Crystal Symphony’ and will spearhead the design of the two 220-guest Ice class expedition ships and the two 650-pax deepsea ships.

The luxury travel company has also signed an exclusive partnership with architect Adriana Granato (pictured).

Based in Milan, Granato will bring a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to the group’s architectural and interior design projects for A&K’s camps, lodges, and ships.

Granato, who holds a double degree in Architecture from Politecnico di Milano and Politecnico di Torino, as well as a PhD in Design and Technologies for Cultural Heritage, is one of the youngest female adjunct professors ever hosted by Politecnico di Milano.

In 2018, she founded Studio Ibsen, an architects, interior designers, and researchers think tank to tackle national and international projects, as well as academic research and social based initiatives.

Cristina Levis, CEO of A&K Travel Group, said: “Since our first meeting in 2019, Adriana has been an invaluable asset, consistently delivering exceptional results in the face of challenging projects. Her vast knowledge and unparalleled expertise in materials, shapes, and architectural history make her a true visionary in her field.

“Adriana’s deep understanding of my vision for our two brands, coupled with her keen awareness of our Group’s strategic goals, enables her to strike the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. This ensures that our offerings resonate with both Millennials and older generations alike, a testament to her remarkable ability to bridge the gap between the past and the future.”

Meanwhile, Crystal‘s new ocean and expedition ships, as well as some of A&K’s new river boats, will be designed by Studio Gem of Genova, led by the Mortolas.

For the newbuildings, an internal team of naval engineers and architects headed by Roberto Fazi, Senior Vice President Marine at Crystal Cruises will co-operate with Studio Gem and Studio Ibsen.

Levis said she has worked with the Mortolas for many years, from the construction and refurbishment of other ships and on the refurbishment of ’Crystal Symphony’ and ’Crystal Serenity’.

“The sophisticated taste of Giacomo Mortola and his meticulous attention to details coupled with the pragmatic and fresh eye of his incredibly talented son Lorenzo are the perfect match for the ambitions for our ships and future projects,” Levis said.

Fernando Delgado, A&K Travel Group Chief Product Officer, added: “I am thrilled to have Adriana helping my team. She brings years of experience in sustainable architecture both in nature and in heritage buildings, an exquisite eye for the details and the refinement of the stile Italiano [Italian style].

“She has already marked the difference in the first projects in which she is taking part. I am also very excited to get the opportunity to work again with Giacomo and Lorenzo with whom I had the honour to collaborate in some projects in the past. Their taste is so refined and so aligned with what we aim to achieve that we could not be in better hands,” he concluded.