AIVP and MedCruise create joint working group on cruises and port cities

2021-09-26T17:52:08+00:00 September 26th, 2021|Marketing|

MedCruise and AIVP have launched a joint working group (WG) to focus on sustainable port/city relationships and cruises.

The goal of the new WG is to reflect and share good practices that can facilitate a better coexistence between port cities and cruises.

COVID-19 disrupted the cruise lines regular operations, effectively stopping the sector from operating worldwide.

This is also an opportunity that both organisations to strengthen their co-operation and help their members overcome this difficult period and plan a more sustainable future, the organisations said.

Following the signing of a MoU in April, 2021, AIVP and MedCruise have established dialogue on key cruise and port city projects. Both organisations said that they are convinced that it is necessary to work together to find a balance between port activities, cruises, and the aspirations of local citizens.

The new WG will create a benchmark of current best practices developed all over the world that can contribute to improving the relationship between port cities, citizens, and sustainable cruises.

It will also identify current challenges and risks that can slow down the implementation of good practices.

Other topics for discussion include sustainable approaches for tourism and cruise markets in port cities, and improving the dialogue with local governments, pressure groups, NGOs, national bodies, or other players involved in cruise/port city relationships.