AIG adds travel insurance benefits

2017-08-14T12:35:45+00:00 August 14th, 2017|Finance|

AIG Travel has announced a new service whereby packages can be requested from a selection of individual products to fit a traveller’s needs.

The new service is designed to allow agents to request packages to meet specific customer demands.

The new benefits were filed by AIG Travel affiliate National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and have been approved in 31 US states.

Along with new package-building model, AIG is also adding individual benefits including:

• Name your family: Currently, there are policies in place that defines who is considered family whose death or illness may trigger coverage for a trip cancellation. With this new policy, the traveller can name people to include in this group.

• New trip cancellation benefits:

–Due to insufficient/excessive water levels: For those going on a cruise, the new product can cover travellers in case of flood or drought in the vacation area. –Due to a wedding being cancelled: When the bride or groom gets cold feet, this product will cover the insured if the trip is cancelled.

• Trip inconvenience coverage: This category introduces a variety of benefits to AIG’s current options. A fixed benefit amount is payable upon a stated inconvenience, such as a closed or shut down theme park, beach, or other attractions, runway delays, and more.