‘AIDAcosma’ fitted with Halton’s HVAC systems

2022-01-27T17:32:58+00:00 January 27th, 2022|Safety|

Marine HVAC supplier, Halton Marine, has fitted galley hoods, canopies and dampers on AIDA Cruises second LNG fuelled ship, ‘AIDAcosma’.

The company supplied Halton galley hoods, canopies, fire dampers and airflow management dampers on board the ship.

Halton’s energy-efficient galley ventilation equipment is designed to optimise air volumes inside the galleys, creating comfortable working conditions, while minimising the grease accumulation inside the hoods and ductwork, thus improving fire safety and hygienic conditions, the company claimed.

AIDAcosma’s galleys are equipped with Halton’s KWH galley water wash hoods, KFM galley grease hoods, KVM extraction canopies and CCW-M control cabinets.

Thanks to the KSA Cyclonic Filter technology, the KWH and KFM galley hoods have efficient grease filtration. The KSA cyclonic filters are composed of vertical honeycomb sections and are designed to force the exhaust air to swirl inside, causing the grease particles and other impurities to push against the honeycomb walls, separating them from the exhaust air.

This effectively reduces the accumulation of grease inside the exhaust plenums and ductwork, Halton said.

KWH galley hoods use a water wash technology to automatically wash down the grease filters without the need to remove the filters from the hood. The washing cycle, operated by a CCW-M control cabinet, is fully automatic and programmable for use in different operating conditions.

The hoods installed in the main galley of ‘AIDAcosma’ are equipped with a M.A.R.V.E.L. demand-based ventilation system, which adjusts the amount of exhaust airflow and fan speed for each hood as needed by identifying the current status of each cooking appliance in the entire galley.

This results in substantial energy savings compared to traditional systems.

‘AIDAcosma’s’ HVAC system includes Halton’s FDB2 A0(A60) fire and gas dampers and FDL A0(A60) fire dampers. Their operation is simple as they close when the temperature in the ductwork rises over the threshold limit. Halton’s fire dampers have a fusible link, which is selected according to the desired temperature. Once this temperature is reached, the damper closes.

The ship’s HVAC system relies partly on the airflow management dampers to regulate the airflow, temperature, air pressure and safety levels in rooms and spaces serviced by the system. Halton supplied a wide range of dampers for various airflow management functions, including the UTG gastight shut-off dampers, as well as UTT, PTS, UKV and HFB airflow management dampers.

‘AIDAcosma’ is the second ‘Helios’ class cruise ship built by Meyer Werft in Papenburg, Germany, for AIDA Cruises. She was delivered on 21st December, 2021 and is due to embark on her first cruise next month.

Her earlier sistership, ‘AIDAnova‘ was claimed to be the world’s first cruise ship to be powered by LNG

There are 17 restaurants on board, including buffets, speciality restaurants and à la carte restaurants. New highlights include an Italian speciality restaurant, Mamma Mia, and Beach House Restaurant.

In late February, she will begin sailing from Hamburg on a series of seven-day ‘metropolis’ voyages.