Another collision on the Danube

A second major river cruise boat collision occurred on the River Danube on 5th October. Five passengers were injured of which two were hospitalised on board the river cruise boat ‘Prinzessin Isabella’ when she collided with a cargo ship. The incident occurred near the port [Read more...]

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Carnival names Rowlett VP Incident Analysis Group

Carnival Corp has appointed Sandra Rowlett as vice president of the company's newly created Incident Analysis Group (IAG). Rowlett (pictured) reports directly to Peter Anderson, the newly appointed chief ethics and compliance officer and is based at the company's headquarters in Miami. In Carnival Corp's [Read more...]

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VIKING wins flag state approval for LSA system

VIKING’s complete patented LifeCraft system has obtained its first flag state approval to be installed on passenger ships. The stamp of approval was issued by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) on 23rd August, 2019. This follows earlier approval of the system’s key components, such as [Read more...]

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Miko Plasters fitted on ‘The World’

Preparations for the largest privately-owned residential cruise ship, ‘The World’, to sail the Northwest Passage across Canada from Nuuk, Greenland to Nome, Alaska this summer have included the purchase of a Miko Plasters Polar Kit as a defence against the risk of being holed by [Read more...]

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AIDA sets its environmental stall out

In the latest edition of ‘AIDA cares’, the company has outlined further progress on its way to emission-neutral cruising. As early as 2023, 94% of all AIDA guests will be sailing on ships that can be fully operated with low-emission LNG or, while in port, [Read more...]

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I-Checkit programme to include PONANT cruise line

INTERPOL has expanded its I-Checkit programme to include PONANT cruise line as part of efforts to further strengthen security in the global cruise industry. The phased roll-out from 1st July of the I-Checkit passenger screening system across PONANT’s cruise operations follows the successful completion of [Read more...]

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Carnival cleans up its act

Following fines for dumping and breaching its probation terms, Carnival Corp has announced several initiatives to help improve its environmental footprint. One initiative recently announced was that by the end of 2021, it will significantly eliminate its purchase and consumption of non-essential single-use plastics. The [Read more...]

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Carnival on sustainability

Despite agreeing a $20 mill deal with US federal prosecutors as settlement for allegedlyviolating its probation oncharges of causing pollution, Carnival Corp painted a bright picture in its ninth annual sustainability report recently published. The report details the key initiatives and progress made in 2018 [Read more...]

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IMO puts domestic ferry safety on the agenda

Taking into consideration the ongoing occurrence of passenger ferry incidents with often high numbers of casualties, IMO’s recent Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) meeting  agreed to include a new item on measures to improve domestic ferry safety on its agenda for the next session.   An [Read more...]

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