Key West berth badly damaged

One of Key West’s three cruise berths has been put out of action for several months, due to being struck by a cruise ship. According to the Miami Herald, the Mallory Square berth will be out of action for three months and will cost around [Read more...]

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Brookes Bell upgrades safe return to port solution

Brookes Bell, the marine, scientific and technical consultancy, has re-branded its system analysis modeller to Systema, to reflect the enhanced product offering. A SOLAS Safe Return to Port (SRtP) solution, previously known as BBSAM, Systema provides support for the analysis of complex ship systems to [Read more...]

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VIKING’s LifeCraft passes toughest sea test

Rough seas with wave heights up to 50% above the stipulated heavy weather testing requirements proved no obstacle for VIKING’s patented LifeCraft system. This paves the way for cruise ship operators worldwide to benefit from all the advantages that this new hybrid - intended to [Read more...]

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Evac VacuConvert gives designers more choice

Waste water engineering company, Evac has introduced the VacuConvert, which enables conventional wall-mounted gravity toilets to be easily and inexpensively converted into vacuum toilets. A special wall mounted frame, which can be concealed beneath the panelling, enables them to be connected to the Evac vacuum [Read more...]

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Scanship and TEGma join forces

Scanship has signed a co-operation agreement with TEGma to offer thermoelectric technology for producing electricity directly from waste heat on board cruise ships. “With this solution, we can improve the energy efficiency on board, reducing use of fossil fuels and improving the overall environmental performance,” [Read more...]

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Cruise heavyweight to help promote scrubbers

Companies in favour of using exhaust gas cleaning technology (scrubbers) have joined together to support the uptake of this technology ahead of the 2020 low sulfur cap. They have created the Clean Shipping Alliance 2020 (CSA 2020). One of the founding members is the Carnival Group. [Read more...]

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Fines levied on ‘L’Austral’ grounding

French cruise company Compagnie du Ponant and the cruise ship ‘L’Austral’s’ Master have been fined a total of NZ$100,000 for endangering human life and entering a prohibited zone. The fine followed an incident in the remote New Zealand sub-Antarctic islands. Compagnie du Ponant received a fine [Read more...]

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