Fjords future optimistic – NMA

The first Norwegian Fjord cruise season in which new regulations were in place has been completed. The fjord Harbour Masters concerned said that they had received fewer complaints about smoke, but are looking forward to even stricter regulations in the years to come, according to [Read more...]

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DFDS to use shore power in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP) and DFDS are to establish a shore power connection in Copenhagen for the cruise ferries, ‘Crown Seaways’ and ‘Pearl Seaways’. A shore power facility will reduce emissions of air contaminated particles such as NOx, SOx and particulate matter, which goes hand [Read more...]

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Incheon signs up to ABB’s shore power

ABB is to install South Korea’s Incheon’s first shore-to-ship power solution, enabling passenger vessels to cut emissions, noise and vibrations while berthed. The engineering group secured the contract covering South Korea’s commitment to sustainable shore-to-ship power, after a pilot scheme for passenger ships to plug [Read more...]

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AIDA to further co-operate with Corvus

AIDA Cruises and Corvus Energy have signed an agreement to further co-operate at the opening ceremony for the battery manufacturer’s first production plant in Norway. On the occasion of the opening of the production plant in Bergen, Norway on 5th September, AIDA President, Felix Eichhorn [Read more...]

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Ferries to be fitted with shore power connections

By fitting ABB's shore connection technology, three Corsica Linea ferries will cut emissions and noise pollution while berthed in Marseille, France. Instead of running diesel-fuelled auxiliary engines, the ferries ‘Paglia Orba’, ‘Jean Nicoli’ and ‘Pascal Paoli’ will use electricity for power at the berth. Each [Read more...]

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CLIA members make progress on environmental matters

The cruise industry has made unprecedented, year-over-year progress in implementing sustainable technologies and practices claimed the third annual ‘Global Cruise Industry Environmental Technologies and Practices Report’ compiled by Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA). “While cruise ships comprise far less than 1% of the global maritime [Read more...]

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TUI opts for shore power

TUI Cruises is to fit two cruise ships with shorepower connections in 2020. The ’Mein Schiff 4’ and ‘Mein Schiff 5’ already have plug connections, but they will receive the on board equipment next year, the company said. TUI also said that while few ports [Read more...]

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